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A student doesn't need a tutorial to play a PC game.
                  -- Floyd Patterson, a professor who had a secret life

Current instructor, Chao, graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). The RPI tutorial is very close to what we are using right now.

Note: Verify your Cadence setup
  • 1. Reboot your computer. Select Linux (Ubuntu).
  • 2. Use your Windows' username and password to login.
  • 3. Go to Applications >> Terminal.
  • 4. Type "icfb" to start Cadence.

If you have "Command not found" error message, please follow the following steps. In the terminal window, type the following command:

  • cp /cad/cds/script/bash.bashrc .bashrc
  • cp /cad/cds/script/cds.lib cds.lib
  • cp /cad/cds/script/.cdsenv .cdsenv
  • cp /cad/cds/script/.cdsinit .cdsinit
  • cp /cad/cds/script/
  • cp /cad/cds/script/display.drf display.drf

Then restart your terminal window.

Tip! Several students have reported problems retaining their cadence library after a logout. It is an intermittent problem with no obvious cause.

Background: You have a Linux home directory which is similar to your Windows profile. When you login this home directory is pulled from the server. When you log off the copy that was previously on the server is deleted and the copy on the machine you are logged into is copied up to the server. This process repeats every time you login/logout. If this process does not complete correctly then you may loose files. Your Linux home directory is a sub directory of your Personal Storage Space called "linux_home"

So in other words when you login to linux, do some work in cadence and then log off your work is not copied up to the server until you log off. If the machine freezes or your home directory is not copied up to the server correctly you will loose your work!

A much better solution is to do your cadence work from your Personal Storage Space in folder outside linux_home. When you work from there any changes are immediatally copied up to the server. In Windows this is mapped to Z: while in Linux it is mapped to '/home/CEANDSU/Desktop/your.username/Personal_Storage' or '~/Desktop/Personal_Storage' for short

Currently the easiest way to do this is one of two ways:

1. Re-create your library in ~/Desktop/Personal_Storage and have everything from cadence through there.

2. Every time you are going to log off manually copy the folder /home/CEANDSU/your.username/your_cadence_library to your Personal Storage Space.

The better option is #1 but you can still choose #2 and avoid the problem.

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Note: Full list of tutorials from all Cadence licensed universities can be obtained at here.
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