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Bioelectromagnetic Chamber

Electromagnetic fields surround us on a daily basis, resulting from our environment, industry, and even the lights over our heads. However, little is proven as to how this affects biological organisms. The goal of our project is to design a bioelectromagnetic chamber that produces different magnetic fields in which we can observe and test the biological effects of EMF on living tissue.


From left to right:


Block Diagrams

Here is a simple picture of a magnet and its field lines: Barmag.JPG

Here is a simple picture of a helmholtz coil and its field lines: Helmholtzc.gif

Here is a picture of our helmholtz coil using magnetic field modeling software: Helmfield.jpg

This is an overview of the chamber design, in which living tissue cells will be placed into our chamber, and our chamber will be placed in the incubator: Incubator-chamber diagram.jpg

Here is a digram of our mag field generation circuitry: Blockdiagramcircuitry.JPG

Here is a diagram of our temperature circuitry: Tempblockdiagram.JPG

Pulsed Circuitry

High Frequency Circuitry

Temperature Circuitry


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